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Miscellaneous Services
I repair, refurbish, and re-lever harps for local musicians.  References available on request.

Install new levers on an existing harp:
Truitts or Camac - $23.00/each
I have installed other brands – Loveland, L&H Performance levers, blades, Pilgrim etc, but really think the Truitt and Camac are the best.  

$1.50/string + Materials.
  I installed over a thousand strings last year.  It is not tough to do, but many harpists procrastinate because they would rather practice and restringing can be hard on the hands.   It only takes me 2-3 days to re-string a harp.   I can make house calls to restring pedal harps but these run $180 or more plus materials. 

Lever Regulation
If you are not happy with your levers, write me and I would be happy to provide you with a copy of an article I wrote for the Washington Area Folk Harp Society on regulating your own levers.  If you are still having difficulties, come for a visit.  I charge time and materials, which will not exceed $50 unless a lever or wound string needs to be replaced.   

Repair & Restoration
In the course of regulation and restringing jobs, I will touch up minor dings and scratches.  Repairing a broken or cracked neck will usually run $400-600.  A new soundboard will run $800-1,100.  It is difficult to quote prices for repairs sight unseen, but I have provided estimates based on complete a description of the work needed (photos are very helpful).  I can usually offer a Warantee that meets or exceeds the original Warantee on my repairs.

The client is responsible for dropping off and picking up their instrument.

I provide appraisals for insurance purposes or to give a buyer or seller confidence in the the instrument’s value.

Crating for Shipment
I ship a dozen instruments each year all over the United States.  If you are moving or have sold your harp and need to ship it, I can build custom padded wooden crates and can ship it for you or advise you on reliable carriers I am using for harp transport.  



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