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A catalog of our Five most popular models


Luchair Petite Irish harp, 34 Strings - $4,600

Top players from Ireland and Scotland seem to prefer small harps with lighter tension that can respond to the blazing ornamentation they put into their music. Luchair (Gaelic for joy or delight) incorporates the best features of these harps.

Because of its portability, playability and wonderful sound, this is currently my favorite design. It does require a carefully profiled soundboard to get good volume from the lightly tensioned Savarez fluorocarbon strings. In a lighter wood like cherry, this harp weighs 16 lbs and is just about four feet tall making it imminently portable for the traveling harpist.

34 Strings, Range 1760hz a to 65 Hz C (19 strings above middle C, 14 Below



bub236 String Compact - $4,750

Range 1760Hz a to 55Hz A (19 strings above middle C, 16 Below)

While this harp is significantly larger than the Luchair, it is still small enough to fit in the back seat of a compact car. It is a smaller, lighter tension version of the popular Raven model. The picture is a round back in Bubinga, wieighing 24 lbs. It can be strung with Nylon or Fluorocarbon strings.















The Raven 36 - $4, 880



Range 1760Hz a to 43Hz A (19 strings above middle C, 16 Below)

More clients have requested the Raven than any other model. It uses medium-high tension nylon strings and has a wonderful, mature sound in its first weeks. This version, built in cherry with Truitt levers is a reasonable 22 lbs.



Tall Gothic Harp, - $5,070

Picture 002 Picture 003GOTHIC


At 62 this is the tallest, heaviest model I build. The range is the same as the popular Raven model. It is drawn as a stave back, though most of harps I built were round backs. You will need an SUV or a large sedan if you plan to take this harp around town.


36 Strings, Range 1760Hz a to 43Hz E (19 strings above middle C, 16 Below


seangSeang 30 - $4,250

Seang is Gaelic for Slight, and the Seang is a downsized version of a Luchair with four bass strings removed. It is just under 44 inches high and weighs less than 15 lbs. Shown here as a round back in a brilliantly figured big leaf maple.

30 Strings, Range 1760Hz a to 98 Hz G (19 strings above middle C, 10 Below)




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