Pricing For Standard Models

The following prices are for fully levered instruments built in Cherry or Maple, with a Glenn Cronkhite Case.

Luchair 34        $5,300


Compact 36     $5,460


Raven 36           $5,610


Seang 30           $4,890


See “options” for add-ons.   It may seem counter-intuitive to price a small 34 string harp near the same price point as larger harps, but the Luchair uses Savarez "carbon fiber" strings which are $260/set, as opposed to about $130 for nylon.



I work off a waiting list that is currently about four months out.  You simply contact me and specify the type of harp you want and we will discuss the options.   


Rick Kemper – - 301/593-6954

10605 Lockridge Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901


I will promptly respond with an estimated delivery date.  I do not require a deposit on standard models – if the customer backs out, I am confident that I can sell the instrument.  When the harp is ready, you simply send payment and I will hold that check till you have had the harp for a week or two and are completely satisfied with it.   I have also sold harps to clients on installment plans.



You will need to specify whether you want Camac or Truitt levers.

You will need to specify whether you want a stave back or round back harp.  I do make the occasional square back, but they are all so close (in terms of materials and time) I price them the same. 

Soundboards – After we discuss your needs, I will recommend a wood for the soundboard core (Sitka Spruce, Redwood or Cedar).   I usually veneer sound boards with highly figured maple , English Sycamore or Fiddleback Anigre.  I can leave the sound board plain if that is your preference. 



-If you want the harp in a fancy wood like Bubinga, Wenge, or curly maple, I charge a $300-500 premium for the extra cost of these woods and the extra time and effort needed to machine and finish them.  

-If you do not plan to pick up the harp in person, I can crate and ship it to you.  This will run $200-350 depending on where you live and what kind of fuel surcharges the trucking companies are adding that week.   



Sligo is one of the few lever harp makers that secures the sound board “pedal-harp style” with glue and 50 screws through edge battens.  It is guaranteed for 10 years from the date of sale.   If there is a functional defect in the materials or workmanship in that 10 year period, we will repair the harp free of charge.  This Warrantee does not cover normal wear, regulation, broken strings, or unauthorized work done by other builders.  The Warrantee cannot be transferred to a subsequent owner.  Sligo Harp reserves the sole right to determine the validity of a warranty claim.

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