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Replacement Strings for Sligo Harps


Broken String?  Do you need to restring the whole instrument?  I try to carry an inventory of strings for local harpists, but I have found it is difficult to match the efficiency or prices harpists can get by purchasing their strings directly though my vendors.  In other words, I would be happy to help you with a replacement for a broken string, but in many cases you will probably get the string more quickly if you order it directly from the vendor. Below you will find the string specifications for my four most popular models along with contact information for the suppliers and a web page tutorial describing how to tie knots for monofilament strings.


String Specification for the Compact Harp


String Specification for the Raven Harp


String Specification for the Seang and Luchair Harp


Lee Gayman’s instruction sheet, How to tie in new strings (used with permission)



For Monofillament Nylon and Wound Bass Strings:

North Shore Strings

4 Anthony Ave.

Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA  01944

(781) 854-2172 Phone & Fax

Eric Stallings, Proprietor


Savarez Strings (also called Flourocarbon, Synthetic Gut and “Carbon fiber”)

Vanderbilt Music Company

312-A Swain Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47401

(812) 333-5255

Hours: 9a-5p (EST) Monday – Friday

I find the quickest way to order strings is to search for the product, e.g. “HPK 91B”

For Credit Card purchases, they send a PayPal invoice then they ship.

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