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One of the challenges of harp building is finding suppliers that carry the good stuff consistently and will ship promptly.  Here are the vendors I use, organized by the products I buy from them:




Vermont Strings

Joan & Skip Lamere

Vermont Strings

68 Shaw Heights

Waterbury Center, VT  05677

Tel/Fax: (802) 244-8564


Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases

Laurie and Glenn Hill

809 W First Street

Phoenix, Oregon; 97535 USA

Phone: (541)535-7700

fax: (541)535-5657


Typically the harp builder will provide the String Makers with a string specification for the harp they are building.  Both Vermont and Markwood can help you come up with string bands for your own designs or provide replacement string sets for older harp you may be restoring.


Savarez Fluorocarbon Strings have become quite popular in the past few years.  They are much more expensive than nylon and a bit less expensive than gut.    


I have used Savarez KF Synthetic Gut strings for the transition area (Thick gauge nylon and Nylon/Nylon wound strings).   They can be purchased through Mikki Henry at International Music Service,





Betty R. Truitt,

P.O. Box 211

Mt. Laguna, CA 91948



Loveland Harps - Robert Bunker

Box 1011, Loveland CO 80539

phone: 303/669-4358



Tuning Pins, Tuning Wrenches, Bridge Pins, Eyelets and Reamers:

I use Betty R. Truitt’s (see levers above).  There is also:


Robinson's Harp Shop,

33908 Mt Laguna Drive

PO Box 161

Mt Laguna CA 91948

 (619) 473-8556


Argent Fox Music (for tuning pins) - Dan Speers

P.O. Box 6256

Bloomington, IN 47407




Wood for Soundboards:

I have an old time local lumberyard nearby that carries 2x6 and 4x4 stock that is suitable for redwood and cedar sound boards.  In many cases you can get tightly grain, straight stuff if you scrounge around old lumberyards (not Home Depot or Lowes) here on the east coast. 


Sitka Spruce can be purchased from

Burke Girvan


10114 Taylor St E. 

Edgewood WA, 98371

He charges $50 or so for enough wood for a board, plus shipping


If you can re-saw, try the $60 bargain box of shorts and cut-offs from  Even with some run-out and flat sawn grain, I can get five or six boards out of a box.  Aircraft spruce will also stock plywood for soundboards, but be prepared to pay significant freight charges for the big sheet of ply.


You can also get birch bending ply (for sound boxes) and Birch aircraft ply for soundboards from LL Johnson,




I would encourage you to search for local sources.  Ask local wood working clubs and cabinet makers who they buy their lumber from.  I drive about two hours to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where I can select the boards I need from and .  If you cannot find a local source, Both of these vendors are willing to ship lumber to your shop.  



Epoxy & Fiberglass Supplies:

41 North Congress, # 8 B

Delray Beach Fl., 33445

(561) 279-8929

Has a nice $20 kit that includes 12 oz of epoxy (just about enough to do the raven if you fit the joints well), mixing sticks, measuring cups,  fiberglass cloth and a variety of fillers.



For a hand-applied finish I would suggest Behlen’s Violin Varnish which you can get from (applied with the French pad technique).  Before I learned that, I used DEFT Clear Wood Finish (a brushable lacquer) which you can get form


If you have a spray rig, you probably have your own prefrences.  Larry Fisher turned me on to Target’s Oxford USL.  It is a water based finish without the usual compromises.  I order it through





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