Why “Sligo” Harp Shop?

The harp shop is located in Silver Spring Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.    This is a half mile up the road from a creek named after County Sligo in Ireland.  Clustered around the creek are an alarming number of talented Irish/Celtic musicians and instrument makers, including (but not limited to) the incomparable Karen Ashbrook, Brendan Mulvihill, Lily Neill, Dave Abe, Mark Hillmann (Uilleann piper and maker), Dana Johnson (renown concertina builder and player), and Philippe Vartlet.



Now, the dubious would chalk this up to coincidence.  The believers say it is the wee folk.  Others suspect there is something in the water, a paranormal channel linking living musicians to the dead and departed greats of Irish Music - Turlough O'Carolan, Johny Doran, Bill Mullally, John Doherty, maybe old Sean O'Riada himself.  The EPA has checked it out, but the ever-shadowy CCE had the government classify the report before it could ever be released. 



Whether you believe the theories deliberated at the pub or not, the proximity of all this talent keeps me inspired.  When I play these harps in the dusky glades of Sligo creek in the twilight of Sunday evening, it is easy to think there is something special about this place and making traditional Irish music . . . 



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